Saturday, June 29, 2013

Thrift Store Haul

Hi Friends!

I have spent a good portion of this week thinking (and yelling) about body politics. It's been kind of exhausting and in many ways disheartening. I'm just - ugh - I'm not going to talk about it right now, ok? I woke up early this morning filled with ennui and then I remembered the advice that my friend Lindy had given me, which was basically "go to tumblr."

So to tumblr I went and was so happy to find thousands of women who don't - give - a - fuck.

After hours of awesome fashion inspiration, I felt the urge to go shopping. I'm also a gal on a budget, so I decided to hit up Value Village. I woke my mom up with this crazed face.


I know it sounds funny, but I honestly had just about forgotten Value Village existed. I usually only find myself there for Halloween. Value Village during Halloween is a crowded, annoying place. I grab an item for my costume and head out. But five minutes after arriving I realized that I'd been a foolish foolish girl for having stayed away so long and I really needed to make up for lost time.

For some reason, the giant Lynnwood Value Village has like four dressing rooms. So I had a long line of ladies mean-mugging me while I tried on way more than the six items posted on the dressing room door. I ended up with a LOT of great clothes. So many, in fact, that I got tired of putting them on for this blog (lazy) and I'm going to show about 2/3 of them here.

First off, these shoes.
I've been looking for shoes like this for over a year - not too hard, mind you, but I've kept my eyes open for them whenever I'm at the shoe store. But the problem is, I'm a size 12, which means that shoe shopping SUCKS. That is, until I had the brilliant idea to look in the men's aisle and here these beauties were, for $10. I'm kinda kicking myself for not looking there a long time ago.

But on to other things! Shorts. I've been terrified of shorts ever since I saw some dude on Oprah say that shorts made fat girls look fatter. But fuckit, I want shorts. Real shorts, short shorts (goddamn it, now that Nair commercial is in my head). So I found a pair and I'll be damned if they don't look awesome.

Oh, and a peach crop top. It's hot out ya'll. Got to enjoy these two weeks of Seattle summer.

Another crop top with neat embroidery on top and a neat side hem.

A different feel with this little shredded tank.

 And this tank with gray lace back.

 Ok. Changing out of the shorts now, I got this super comfy skirt and GORGEOUS top. Love the tie details.

 And finally this really nice top. It's actually more of a bedjacket, but I'm wearing it as a shirt. I DO WHAT I WANT.
My mom has insisted that it's far too big for me, so she's taking it in as I type. I'm too lazy to take another picture of it though after it's taken in, so this is all you get.

So that's it for my haul friends. I got another pair of shorts, two dresses, like four more shirts and a vest, but I just really don't feel like putting on any more clothes - and I don't think my afro can take any more.


  1. Do you mind if I ask which Value Village you went to? I'm relatively new to Seattle and have been buying the bulk of my clothes at thrift stores for a couple of now. I live pretty close to the SODO Salvation Army but find it's better for home stuff than for close, plus it's hot as balls in there as soon as the temperature creeps above 75 outside. Ditto with the SODO Goodwill. I moved from Chicago, where there are such fabulous thrift stores! Particularly in the suburbs.

    All your finds look great on you. I love the look of rolled denim cutoffs and this has motivated me to look for a new pair that fits me.

    1. I mostly shop outside of the city - this was the Value Village in Lynnwood, which is THE BEST ONE

  2. Hi Ijeoma!
    Love your piece in Jez today. ALSO i love crop top #2. That is so hot. I'm fat. I live in Seattle AND I also bought my first pair of shorts this summer. Living the dream ya'll. Living the dream.

    1. Hell yes - YOU WEAR WHAT YOU WANT!!!

  3. love your clothes,and shoes!! post more thrift store hauls